Creating a Proactive Approach to Pharma CAPA via GMPs and Enterprise Quality Management Solutions (EQMS)

Mention CAPA in different companies, and you are likely to get slightly different definitions of the process. In the life sciences industry, CAPA pertains more to a formal event management and remediation system for systemic events, as opposed to minor … Read full article

Consumer Product Manufacturing: Greater Communication and Credibility Through EQMS

It’s common practice for many companies in the consumer products manufacturing space to outsource their manufacturing, packaging, and purchase of raw materials to suppliers and contract vendors around the globe. Despite their best efforts to increase profit margins by tapping … Read full article

What is CAPA in Medical Device Quality Management?

In the event of a product safety or functional failure or complaint, a CAPA system can help medical device companies to identify trends and what has happened in the past, as well as determine a path of remediation. These systems … Read full article

Wearable Devices: When Purpose is More Than Just Fashion, Quality and Compliance are Not Optional

When we think of wearable devices we usually think of watches, or goggles. Well, these smart watches do more than just tell time or weather or incoming caller ID, and the goggles do more than project some image in our … Read full article

The Rise of Quality Metrics

Guest Author: Jing To | Director, Product Marketing, R&D | Veeva Systems The theme for DIA Annual 2014 was to celebrate the past and invent the future. And it looks like the future is a more stringent FDA, requiring more … Read full article


Since 1994, Sparta Systems, Inc. has advocated the need for accountability and control of work-flow processes, along with clarity and transparency. Our experience in highly regulated industries is unmatched, as is our commitment to providing visibility of mission-critical attributes from a centralized system through a global process.

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David FlorezDavid Florez Account Executive

David Florez has worked with medium size to very large companies for the past 14 years to help identify and minimize inefficiencies in both production and in internal processes through technology solutions. In his current role with Sparta Systems, Dave works directly with consumer products and food & beverage clients to identify and streamline quality processes. In addition to process improvement, the quality management solutions he represents also ensure global regulatory compliance. David has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Engineering from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. VIEW ALL PROFILES


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