Ask for Real-Time Customer Involvement or Risk Obsolescence

Guest blogger, Krista Yahl, Business System Analyst at Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., recently attended a TrackWise customer roundtable in Chicago. This session was part of a series of meetings with customers regarding upcoming enhancements to the TrackWise user interface. Two dozen TrackWise administrators gathered at a hotel conference room in Chicago with Sparta Systems product management, product design, executive management and sales to brainstorm ideas, discuss enhancements and prioritize.

It struck me how too often this step in the process is overlooked by many software vendors due to time pressures on both sides (vendor and customer) or the views of a handful of customers overriding the rest.

I found the experience rewarding. Not only was I able to voice my opinions about changes that will directly impact my job satisfaction but I also was able to network and collaborate with peers who had some great ideas and suggestions.  While it’s unrealistic that all our ideas and improvements immediately advance into their development cycle --the team was given the opportunity to vote on their favorites and most important features for their next release. To date, the process is transparent and well organized and therefore worth the time and effort I’m putting into it.  I look forward to the next session!  

Krista Yahl Business System Analyst Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.