Empowering the Life Science Organization

From SMBs to global enterprises, life sciences companies have learned to accept a certain level of operational inefficiency. Traditionally, different locations or departments had autonomy when it came to choosing and implementing software, resulting in a patchwork of vendors and products rather than a smoothly integrated system. This Patchwork Often resulted in a Higher software and operational costs as well reduced visibility and reduced coordination’s that resulted in impeded overall growth. The evolution of cloud-based solutions that support a fully integrated eQMS environment are transforming the expectations and changing the realities.

Businesses are trending to the Cloud

87% of business are in the cloud and 69% of SMBs expect to increase cloud use in the next 3 years*.  Cloud adoption has been making real strides as the benefits are tangible.  Customers are enjoying regulatory compliance with increased functionality from the cloud.  The cloud is a scalable platform that eliminates up front investments and on going maintenance costs.

*(SOURCE: Rackspace, Deloitte, North Bridge / GigaOM Research)

The Cloud supports total business integrations

In the cloud, life sciences companies can integrate business processes that previously had to remain separate. From manufacturing and warehousing to sales and CRM to compliance, the entire life cycle of a drug or medical device can be monitored, analyzed, and optimized, as can the organization’s performance across multiple products and markets.

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