The Faces of Sparta - Christian Rockwell


Name: Christian Rockwell

Title: Vice President, Global Marketing

What brought you to Sparta Systems?

When evaluating job opportunities, there were four things that brought me to Sparta Systems:

  1. The company – Sparta has been in business for more than 15 years, and has significantly evolved as an organization. Growing from a start-up to a major enterprise software vendor, Sparta has experienced change throughout its lifecycle.  The leadership of Sparta has defined a clear vision and invested in new markets and new approaches to continue our growth as a global enterprise software vendor.
  2. Customers – Sparta has built a substantial customer base as a result of our flagship product – TrackWise.  I was immediately drawn to Sparta for being an organization that puts its customers and customer needs first.  The user community is very close and a critical resource for Sparta to learn where we should continue to advance our solutions.
  3. The Quality Management Market – The Quality Management space has evolved over the past few years, becoming much more of a priority for businesses.  There is tremendous growth potential as more companies need to find a way to be competitive and look at quality processes as a way to impact their bottom line. The emphasis of quality management has changed from quality being linked entirely to compliance, to quality having a role when it comes to competitive and financial advantages.   It is exciting to watch how quality management is evolving in different industries and to support companies develop innovative ways of executing their quality management strategies.
  4. TrackWise Technology – TrackWise is a great product. From day one I believed in the solution and knew that its configurability could be a major business benefit for users.

What is the biggest problem enterprises face with quality management?

The biggest problem enterprises face with quality management can be broken down into two categories:

First, the hardware of an organization, meaning the processes and technology of an organization. Companies are constantly challenged by how they implement quality. Often times there are siloed, disparate systems in place at disconnected sites, making it difficult for companies to gain visibility across the enterprise. With various systems, locations and processes, a metric that is defined in one location may not be the same in another, so it is likely that data and processes are not normalized across an organization. It is extremely important that quality management processes across an enterprise are defined and consistent, so users can be confident knowing information is the same across an organization. This enterprise approach allows for true quality visibility.

The second biggest problem enterprises face is focused on the software of an organization, meaning the people and culture.   Many companies focus on quality for compliance reasons.  This in itself does not help build a culture focused on quality. Quality management is so much more than just compliance and comes with huge business benefits. Avoiding recalls and fines is important, but being more proactive about managing quality and using it as a way to make better business decisions will result in significant financial benefit.  Organizations are focusing more on building a quality culture and elevating the visibility of quality to the C-level management.

How do you see the quality management industry advancing in the next 2-5 years?

In the next 2-5 years, I see companies trying to take more of an enterprise approach to quality. As companies begin to more heavily leverage mobile and social networking technology, a bigger focus will be put on how knowledge is shared within an organization. For example, I could see a company questioning how to harness data and feedback from its social media outlets that could play a role in how products are evaluated, thus feeding back to the organization’s quality management process. I expect to see companies with a stronger focus on quality, enabled by the influx of technology that is available today.

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