The Faces of Sparta - Dean Raye Gauf

Dean Gauf
Dean Gauf

Name: Dean Raye Gauf

Title:  Global Corporate Quality Lead

What brought you to Sparta Systems?

My journey to Sparta I believe began years ago when I was first involved with TrackWise at a medical device company. I was impressed with the product and had followed Sparta’s rise in the industry since that initial introduction. Most of my former clients and companies use TrackWise for various quality functions.

I learned of the position for Global Quality from a long-term colleague whom was working at Sparta at that time. Being very familiar with TrackWise and spending most of my career in quality and regulatory divisions in the Life Sciences industry, I felt it was a great opportunity to apply my knowledge and help Sparta maintain its strong Industry position.

What is the biggest problem enterprises face with quality management?

For me it is, and has always been, change controls. Within that definition I include complaints and potential for recalls, as that is where the greatest resource effort resides and the highest risk to the clients’ eventual customers, the patients and consumers.

How do you see the quality management industry advancing in the next 2-5 years?

The electronic era has finally taken hold of most of our clients’ industries, from electronic communication with regulators such as the FDA, to direct real-time communication with vendors and production controls. As such, there is a vastly greater potential for quality improvements being implemented much faster and with better results now and in the coming years than we could ever experience in the past.

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