The Faces of Sparta - Tom Rac

Tom Rac
Tom Rac

Name:  Tom Rac

Title:  Global Manager, Technical Advisory

What brought you to Sparta Systems?

I first learned about Sparta Systems in college from a classmate who also happened to be the son of Ran Flam, the founder of the Company. 

At that time, Sparta Systems was a small company with one little office that employed about 40 people. TrackWise was used by the life sciences industry, primarily pharmaceutical and medical device companies to ensure quality and consumer safety.  

What attracted me to Sparta Systems was the opportunity to be part of growing the Company that was behind a product I truly believed in.  Eight years later, I am moving into a new role as a technical advisor in TrackWise utilization and infrastructure/architecture integration from global manager of product support, to work with customers in the pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer products and electronic manufacturing industries to unify global quality systems.

What is the biggest problem enterprises face with quality management?

Globalization. At one time, global companies were all centralized and owned everything from creation and manufacturing to deliveries. With mergers and acquisitions, a product is no longer manufactured under one roof and unifying quality processes to end product through global supplier and functions under one system, has proved to be a major challenge.

How do you see the quality management industry advancing in the next 2-5 years?

Companies of all sizes will start to see the return on investment on quality solutions to ensure the appropriate processes are in place to meet expectations and take the necessary steps to unify systems throughout the enterprise. To do so, new technologies, like the cloud, will be used to implement different programs to be more globally accessible. With 24/7/365 access to quality systems, enterprises gain back control of its product image and reputation while noticing the impact to the bottom line with less charge backs and deviations and better response times and control over corrective procedures.  

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