The Problem with Supplier Quality Management - Part 3: The Future, Full Visibility into an Integrated Supply Chain

In the previous blogs in this series, “The Problem with Supplier Quality Management:- More Than Just Cutting Corners” and “The Problem with Supplier Quality Management – Part 2: Streamlining SQM with Mobile Solutions”, we discussed how manufacturing companies are dealing with the complex, multi-layered supply chain issues, and how best-in-class companies have been able to realize dramatic savings while producing safe and effective products.  They have been able to accomplish this by managing quality processes globally using TrackWise Enterprise Quality Management Solutions (EQMS).  However, when it comes to the visibility and management of quality events that involve contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) and suppliers, there is not a systematic way; they have gone back in time.  Most companies deal with supplier and contractor quality issues by phone, e-mail, fax and correspondence.  This methodology is full of risk, since it is usually personal, between a handful of people, and is rarely visible to those who may be impacted until the event reaches a critical point, and then it becomes a firefighting exercise.

This problem is the inspiration for Stratas, A Sparta Systems SolutionStratas is a cloud based multi-tenant system that extends TrackWisefunctionality to suppliers and contract manufacturers.  Companies can now include their supply chain in tracking and managing quality events without having to license them to use their systems behind the corporate firewall. Stratas extends the proven TrackWise capabilities to a company’s network of CMO’s and suppliers.  Stratas is a bi-directional cloud based system, where a manufacturer can include one or many suppliers in an investigation, and suppliers can originate a quality event with one or many manufacturers.

Below is an illustration of some use cases:


Because Stratas is a subscription based, multi-tenant cloud based system, it requires no additional infrastructure or IT support. Once installed, your TrackWise fields are mapped to Stratas and you are ready to go.

Suppliers will only need internet access, and once they receive an invitation from you, they log in, enter their credentials and are presented an intuitive, easy to use screen to enter the required information and attach related documents.  Once registered, they can use the same credentials with any number of other companies that may want to connect them with Stratas.  Once they complete their work, you can require an electronic signature and the Stratas record is sent back to your TrackWise system for final review and approval or sends it back for additional information, if needed.  Stratas is a many to many system in both directions, so if you need multiple CMOs and suppliers to participate in investigating an issue, you can send it to all simultaneously.  Conversely if a supplier has a quality event they need to report to multiple companies, they enter it once in Stratas and can send that record to multiple company TrackWise systems.

Stratas will revolutionize supplier quality management, with a single source of information that is transparent and available for fact based actions and decisions within your company.  With TrackWise Analytics and your existing TrackWise EQMS coupled with Stratas, will provide you with a holistic view of quality data affecting your product that was never before available. You will now have real time information for proactive decision making, insights and actions.  The end result is  visibility and control over the entire supply chain responsible for your finished end product.  You can trust your suppliers and systems to assure you are providing safe and effective products to market, while creating efficiencies that will save your company substantial revenues and protect your brand and reputation.

The future is here with Sparta Systems suite of quality solutions – TrackWise, TrackWise Analytics, TrackWise Mobile and Stratas!

Datasheet:  Stratas - Download Now