Sparta Systems at the 2011 BioPharma IT World Conference

The 4th annual BioPharma 2011, held in always sunny Singapore, is one of the largest gatherings of biopharmaceutical professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. All aspects of the biopharmaceutical industry are covered via 5 specific conferences and 3 separate summits. The summits addressed the topics of Drug Safety, Contract Manufacturing and Clinical Trial Supply and Logistics. The 5 conferences addressed Biologic Manufacturing, Drug Discovery, Partnering & Investment, Clinical Trials, Contract Manufacturing and even IT. Sparta Systems was requested to speak at the BioPharma IT World conference and led a session titled ‘Enterprise Quality Management - Increase Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness – Without Customization.’ The session was very well attended, the audience was engaged and the questions were well thought-out, clearly illustrating the industries’ growing trend towards leveraging information technologies to address modern challenges.

 Session Highlights:

- Business drivers for the integration of QMS with other enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, MES, LIMS

- How to maintain the consistency within your QMS with an ever changing array of systems which QMS can integrate

- Case examples, including which systems were integrated and value derived

 Looking forward to the 2012 conference.