Sparta Systems at the European Manufacturing Strategies Summit in Dusseldorf, Germany

The European Manufacturing Strategies Summit was held in Dusseldorf, Germany  last week, where Sparta Systems joined industry leaders to present on the importance of quality across all facets of the manufacturing value chain. We also participated in a Gartner moderated panel discussion on ‘Innovation in Manufacturing‘, including how quality and analytics can support such initiatives in today’s ever growing manufacturing automation and digitization age.  The event was attended by companies from various manufacturing sectors including automotive, aerospace, transportation, electronics, semiconductor, medical device, industrial manufacturing and consumer products; as well as many consulting companies providing automation and process improvement services. 

The summit provided an invaluable forum to meet and engage on topics such as manufacturing excellence, lean and continuous improvement, sustainability and people development, and of course, manufacturing technology. More significantly, it quickly became apparent that the common denominator across every presentation and discussion was indeed quality - and why quality should be managed as a critical success factor at every stage of the product life cycle. In many ways, as highlighted in our presentation, Enterprise Quality Management is quickly becoming the new catalyst for manufacturing excellence, deriving measurable business benefits in the key area of manufacturing and supply chain operations. 

One of the interesting comments we received following our presentation was how important it is to establish a ‘quality culture’ with commitment from the ‘top-down’; and how it plays an increasingly significant part in everyday operations and continuous improvement initiatives. From Bombardier Transportation to the innovative BMW Leipzig plant, which is their flagship BMW facilities that will produce the new i-series of electric vehicles, we can already see how  leading companies value quality as a critical piece of their overall strategy. 

The solutions provided by Sparta Systems were seen as clear enablers for these large multi-national enterprises as they drive their lean manufacturing initiatives forward; helping them to efficiently introduce new products to global markets, and collaboratively manage their supply chain whilst controlling costs. The faster, cheaper and safer theme was received overwhelmingly. 


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