There’s an App for That: Improve Incident Reporting and More with Mobile

In our world of six sigma and the five Whys, companies are looking for ways to improve their quality processes to ensure the safest product to market.  In addition to improving existing systems, I invite you to think outside of the box and look at a new way of strengthening quality in your organization. Leverage your existing enterprise quality management solution (EQMS) investment with a new way of reporting quality events – with the smartphone in your pocket. Yes, there’s an app for that!

Mobile Incident Reporting
When a field sales representative visits a customer site and is told about an issue with a medical device, how is that handled today?  Does the rep call it in at the end of the day?  Jot down a serial number to be handed off next time he or she is in the office?   

Instead, how about taking a picture of the incident with a smartphone and add in the required fields to log the incident immediately with an app that synchronizes with your EQMS?  By implementing this process, the mobile technology you already carry with you can help minimize quality triage time.  Not everyone is qualified to manage a quality incident, but now you can empower more employees to "raise their hand” and escalate to trained, qualified staff.  Often quality groups are compartmentalized- now quality can become part of the culture. 

Typical group approvals can take much longer than necessary, slowing down cycle times.   Instead of walking back to their desk and logging in, approvers can now complete the steps needed on their smartphone or tablet device.  Leading enterprise apps are now designed specific to mobile devices, rather than a scaled down web version.  The learning curve for discrete tasks such as approvals is dramatically improved when mobile apps prioritize usability over replicating the web-based full feature set.

Taking Quality Management Mobile
Adopting a mobile solution that integrates with your EQMS system is a win for your users that makes good business sense.  Mobile offers unique and useful ways to add information to quality events that will help transform your organization’s quality culture, ensuring all appropriate employees have a hand in the quality process. 

Learn how Sparta Systems helps our customers enable quality management via TrackWise Mobile and how it can be tailored to fit your specific needs today.

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