Thoughts from ASQ's 23rd Quality Management Conference

Have you ever been somewhere and truly felt like, “These are my people. Everyone here talks the same language. I belong here.”  Quality professionals have been saying that for 23 years at the Annual ASQ-QMD events, and this year was no different.  Considering QMD is the second largest division in ASQ, the turnout was excellent.  Being in sunny Orlando didn’t hurt the cause either. This year’s theme was “Excellence through People, Process and Performance,” and each of the keynote speakers and concurrent sessions fit nicely into those themed categories.  Sparta Systems was asked to speak on the theme of quality and compliance processes. The title of my session was “Extending Quality Management across the Enterprise.”

The session was very well attended and I am happy to report the audience was extremely engaged.   Represented in the audience were individuals from a wide range of industries: aerospace, food and beverage, life sciences, high tech, government, chemical and oil and gas. By the end of the session, everyone was nodding in unison.

Some of the primary topics covered during the session were:

A Brief Evolution of Quality

Point Solutions: Why Quality Modules Are not the Answer

Customization/Force Fit

Enterprise Quality Management Solutions (EQMS): Selection, Deployment, Integration, Validation

Customer Case Studies – CAPA, change control and risk management

I even finished the session with a group SIPOC activity

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