Three Steps to Accelerate Quality Management

Last week, Sparta Product Manager Joby George met with Mike Richman of Quality Digest. The two exchanged thoughts on how and why organizations need to move past manual and legacy quality management systems. You can watch the full recorded interview below.

George argues that in order to stay competitive, companies must advance beyond manual and legacy systems.  Manual systems are painfully inefficient and take far too much effort to manage and maintain.  Legacy systems require investment in infrastructure and dedicated teams to support it.  Both are difficult to scale as a company grows and matures.  

For many, the answer is adoption of a cloud quality management solution.  Cloud-based solutions offer advantages like increased collaboration, flexibility, and security.  They can also be far more cost-effective. That’s because companies don’t incur the same infrastructure and ongoing maintenance costs as with legacy systems.  

The interview was conducted as a lead in to Quality Management’s webinar, “Three Steps to Accelerate Quality Management”.  The focus of the session was how newer manufacturers can more easily and cost-effectively adopt a cloud QMS solution.   To catch a replay, click here.