TrackWise Analytics

TrackWise Analytics is part of TrackWise version 8.5 that was released almost 3 weeks ago. It created a tremendous buzz at both of this year’s TrackWise Connection User’s Conferences in Vienna and Orlando. For those of you who don’t know, TrackWise Analytics is a total quality intelligence solution that puts the power of analytical data analysis in the hands of any user regardless of technical proficiency. This allows users to interact with data ad hoc and without requiring special skills or waiting for IT resources to create complex reports. TrackWise changed how quality organizations managed quality processes by providing user configurable workflows and forms. TrackWise Analytics will transform the way we use quality data by providing intuitive self-service reporting without needing specialized technical knowledge, greatly increasing the speed and reducing the time to actionable insights.

Here are a few of the reasons why I believe TrackWise Analytics is the most exciting offering since the original TrackWise.

TrackWise Analytics leverages a new enterprise reporting data-store that has been optimized for reporting. This also includes an automated process to extract, transform and load (ETL) record data and configuration from the transactional database into the data store. This occurs as frequently as every 30 seconds so you have access to near real-time data and configuration changes are automatically applied all without requiring specialized IT resources.

On top of the enterprise reporting data store is a meta-data layer that includes all the relationships in the data so that users do not have to comprehend the underlying database structure to find the data. Data is grouped by type and represented with same exact labels as on the forms that they are familiar including localization support for additional languages. The meta-date layer also applies the same security and permissions model as in the core TrackWise forms so you do not need to waste time re-administering and maintaining them manually.

The reporting authoring environment enables common users to build their own reports without needing specialized report writers by dragging and dropping familiar objects directly into the report canvas to instantly build various types of reports including graphical visual displays with many types to choose from. Author’s building reports are restricted to the same permissions that already exist in TrackWise. Gone are the non-value added tasks of periodically exporting data into Excel and creating pivot tables!

Report consumption has various formats which allow numerous interactive capabilities both online as well as in offline self-contained formats. The ability to perform online analytical processing (OLAP) with interactive reports empowers consumers to dig deeper in the data, correlate objects and discover patterns that were not recognizable before. Offline, self-contained PDFs allow management to receive reports that they can take with them wherever they go and still be able to interact with the data contained in the report as if they were sitting in the office.

These capabilities are unmatched in the industry today. Before TrackWise Analytics the only way to get these capabilities was to implement expensive external business intelligence platforms that required an army of IT resources to manually extract and reassemble the data. Then, reports had to be created by specialized report writers or users were not given access to the tools because of the lack of security around the data. TrackWise Analytics is a total solution that addresses all of these barriers with a total cost of ownership that is a fraction of other solutions.

Everyone always talks about continuous quality improvement, but finally there is a tool that empowers the quality community to achieve this vision.