View from Asia Pacific

The supply chain spans the globe and organizations are constantly trying to do more with less. As a result, they require solutions that help ensure a consistent supply of quality raw materials as well as provide superior products without sacrificing cost.   As the Asian region continues to drive the global economy, these organizations are providing more and more products, APIs and materials both domestically and to the west. In 2009 Sparta Systems opened its regional office in Hong Kong in order to tap into this potential market as well as support our global customers across their enterprise -  including not only their foreign offices and affiliates, but also their suppliers. Rather than face the diverse Asian market landscape on our own we incorporated the help of local partners to bring TrackWise enterprise quality and compliance software solutions to the Asian region.

Last month Sparta Systems hosted its First Annual Partner Summit in Hong Kong where we covered topics around what is happening in the life science industry both locally and globally, as well as how companies can leverage a true Enterprise Quality Management Solution to address their quality and compliance challenges.