Where in the World is Mohan Ponnudurai.....Germany 26-27 October #15EMS

This is part one of an ongoing series of posts from Mohan Ponnudurai as he attends and speaks at quality shows and conferences across the globe.

The European Manufacturing Strategies (EMS) Summit is an annual event held in Dusseldorf aimed at all segments of the European manufacturing industry.

Some of the industries represented by attendees, presenters and exhibitors included pharma, automotive, industrial, consumer products, energy, and transportation. Technology vendors like Sparta Systems as well as service vendors like Tracc and other consultants were also present. The overall theme of this year’s show revolved around lean manufacturing, innovation and addressing ever changing customer needs and expectations.

I had the opportunity to present at three sessions that focused on EQMS value, and supplier management and visibility. This subject seemed to be well received by many of the attendees judging by their questions during the sessions and subsequent ad-hoc discussions.

It’s interesting to note that even companies like Airbus and STMicroelectronics seem to have nagging issues with their supplier base and supplier management as they extend their product lines and grow production rates. A solution like Stratas can streamline quality-related interactions between companies and their partners, giving greater visibility, management and control into an organization’s quality management processes across the global supply chain.

Stay tuned for part two of “Where in the World is Mohan Ponnudurai” coming soon.